Message from the President

In 1973, we began our Radio accounting service for foreign merchant vessels, in parallel with the advance of FOC (Flag-of-convenience) vessels of Japan’s shipping industry under the of ‘Kyoritsu Radio Service Co., Ltd.’

Subsequently, in 1980, we were designated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as an Accounting Authority responsible for the collection and calculation of charges related to maritime telecommunications.

Thanks to your support, we have grown to become one of the leading Accounting Authorities in the world. We believe we’ve contributed to the progress of Japan’s shipping industry.

The future of maritime satellite communication is undergoing significant changes, with the emergence of diverse satellite communication systems, such as Starlink and low Earth orbit satellites, challenging the traditional dominance of geostationary satellites like Inmarsat. Embracing this era of transformation, we inherited the satellite communication business of our parent company, Furuno Electric Co., Ltd., in 2022. Now we are committed to providing valuable services not only to commercial vessels but also to fishing vessels, aiming to contribute to society and ensure safe and secure voyages.

In October 2023, as we reached the milestone of our 50th year in operation, we have restarted with new name ‘Marisat Communication Service Inc.’ We take this occasion to go back to our initial principles, we will continue to work diligently as a united team of employees.

We sincerely request your continuous understanding and support.

President and Representative Director

Yuzuru Takayama

About Us

Company NameMarisat Communication Service Inc.
EstablishmentJune 1967Started settlement of international marine radio communication charges: October 1973
capital stock10 million yen
officerPresident and Representative Director Yuzuru Takayama
Director Nobuhiro Ueda
Director Masataka Yoshida
Service overview・Radio traffic accounting service regulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), AAIC Code: JP03
・Provision of satellite communication services (Inmarsat, VSAT, Iridium) as a registered telecommunications service provider (No. 396).
・Application services for ship radio station licenses, Inmarsat ID, ship registration of flag, sale of ITU publications, and LRIT(Long-Range Identification and Tracking).
・Provision of technical and management information related to ship communication equipment and navigation instruments, as well as equipment sales.
・Ancillary services related to the above.
premise sth.Approximately 250 domestic and international shipping companies
Business Partners・Inmarsat Global Limited, Iridium Communications Inc., Marlink Group, KVH Industries, Inc., and other overseas satellite communication companies
・KDDI Corporation, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, JSAT MOBILE Communications Inc, and other domestic telecommunications companies
・Furuno Electric Co., Ltd., Japan Radio Co., Ltd., Cobham Limited, and other domestic and international satellite communication equipment manufacturers
・Fuji Trading Co., Ltd., Orca Co., Ltd., Sky Fix Com Japan LTD, and other maritime application providers


June 1967Established Kyoritsu Radio Service Co., Ltd. as subsidary of Kyoritsu Radio Co., Ltd. (Head Office : Nakameguro, Meguro-Ku)
October 1973Began Accounting Service of International Maritime Radio Communication charge
December 1980Appointed as accounting authority, in charge of calculation of maritime communication by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (AAIC=JP03)
October 1984FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. acquired Kyoritsu Radio Co.,Ltd. became wholly owned subsidary of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
April 2002Began resale of Iridium Satelite phone to ocean going vessels owned by Japanese shipping company (exc Japanese flag vessels)
March 2004Made agreement to work with Inamrsat PSA(Point of Service Activation) 3099
Head office moved to Shiba, Minato-ku
December 2008Began proxy service of LRIT(Long-Range Identification and Tracking of Ships)Conformance Test
February 2009Began handling of Inmarsat FB
April 2011Closed Kansai Office
October 2013Launched VSAT pay-as-you-go service
June 2013Notification as telecommunications carrier (Satellite Communication Services A-25-13147)
January 2015Began handling of Iridium Pilot
September 2017Acquisition of Inmarsat PSA 3189
June 2018Head office relocated in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
June 2021Telecommunications Carrier Registration (No.396)
March 2022Succeeded Satellite Communications Business from FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD.


address Imagawa Bldg. 3F, 2-6 Kanda Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0024, Japan



Imagawa Bldg. 3F, 2-6 Kanda Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0024, Japan

TEL 03-4531-2330