1.Iridium Certus

This is a communication service provided by Iridium, a company known for its satellite cell phones. The Iridium Certus terminal used for this service enables not only phone calls (up to 3 lines) but also data communications such as e-mail and web browsing.

Communication costs can be significantly reduced by selecting the appropriate plan for your monthly communication volume. The 0MB plan, with its low basic monthly fee, is ideal for backup lines for VSAT and INMARSAT FB, and plans that include 75MB or 200MB of free communications can be selected according to the vessel’s usage conditions.

Iridium’s broad coverage allows for calls and data communications throughout the globe, including the North and South Poles. The communication between the ship and the satellite is in the L-band, so it is not affected by rainfall to any great extent.

The IridiumCertus’s antenna is compact, measuring approximately 38 cm in diameter and weighing approximately 8 kg. It can be easily installed regardless of the size of the vessel. The in-ship device is also easy to install in any location, measuring 49cm x 27cm x 4cm.

Data transmission speed is 704 kbps (Upload)/176kbps(Downlord) on best effort. This speed is sufficient for sending and receiving business email.

2.Iridium Extreme – Satellite Cell Phones

We also sell conventional satellite cellular phones and charge for their use. Iridium satellite phones can be used on both foreign and Japanese-flagged vessels, and are effective for general calls as well as for counter-terrorism and anti-piracy. We also offer active and passive antennas and cables to enable calls to be made on board.



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