Prepaid card sales

Many clients are now using private communication devices for their crews for the purpose of securing excellent crews and with the MLC 2006 coming into effect. However, since maritime communications are still very expensive, it is difficult to offer them to crew members free of charge. Therefore, it is necessary for each crew member to record his/her use of private communication devices and tally the amount used on board, which is a workload for the captain and management company.

By providing inexpensive prepaid cards, we offer a terminal usage environment with less work and at a reasonable price.

Iridium GoChat Card
(For Iridium Certus)

This is a prepaid phone card for use with Iridium Certus . It is completely separate from postpaid charges for business and other calls, making it ideal for crew members’ private calls. The Iridium Pilot allows up to three lines of simultaneous calls and can be set up on a line-by-line basis exclusively for the prepaid card.

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